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Operation and Maintenance

HESCO creates detailed maintenance schedules for its biomass plants, designed to enhance longevity and performance whilst meeting H&S and legislative standards.

Some of the specific areas which need consideration are:

  • Cleaning – Some biomass systems are self-cleaning, whilst others need to be cleaned regularly whilst shut down. The main focus of this will be to remove ash and residue from the system.
  • Inspection of the Feed System – Mechanical feeds systems need to be oiled regularly and cleaned of biomass material to stop unwanted build-ups and blockages.
  • Component Maintenance – Larger biomass systems tend to be more complex and contain more components such as fans, compressed air cleaning systems and motors. These items also need to be regularly maintained as part of a detailed schedule.
  • Efficiency – Servicing a boiler can drastically improve its performance, with estimates ranging between 7-15%, all boilers and kit are serviced to meet with manufacturers recommendations.
  • System Design – In addition to ensuring the system performs optimally, the plant layout needs to be created to facilitate safe maintenance by the engineers, ensuring there is enough space for safe access.
  • Day to Day Management – This is carried out by our own in-house maintenance team, supervised by our Operations Directors.

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